J-Term Course: The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

Are you fascinated by this year’s Presidential Election? Then you are in luck because a few spaces remain in the January Term course at  NYU Washington, D.C..

The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election: Causes and Consequences
POL-UA 994
College of Arts and Science
Professor Pat Egan
Department of Politics, 4 credits, no prerequisites

With regard to elections, the course will cover political science research on the dynamics of presidential primaries; how policy preferences, values, and identity affect vote choice; and how campaigns are being reshaped by Big Data, social media, and other emerging phenomena. With regard to public policy, you will explore policymaking and gridlock in Washington in the era of polarization; presidents’ increasing use of executive orders and other instruments of unilateral power; and how stalemate at the federal level is being answered by innovation in many states and localities.

The course will run January 3-21 and classes will meet Monday- Friday. In class learning will be complemented with guest speakers, opportunities to meet seasoned Washington policymakers and campaign strategists, as well as visits with Congressional and White House staff, and trips to national museums and monuments. The course will culminate with attendance at the Presidential Inauguration.

Arrive early for the semester to enroll in the course! Apply Now.  Deadline November 18th.