Apply to be a DC Ambassador for the SSC

Are you looking for leadership opportunities while you are in DC? The Site Ambassador Student Council position is a great way to make a difference while you study away! The Global Committee on Student Life, a part of the Student Senators Council, operates to strengthen NYU as a truly Global Network, and provides this opportunity to join the Study Away Site Ambassador Program.

The Site Ambassador Program is designed to extend student leadership at NYU to all of our global sites. Ambassadors provide their peers with a student liaison to the site administration and work to enhance the overall study away experience, while maintaining communication between the global site and the Site Ambassador Committee in New York. As student council officers abroad, Ambassadors will be evaluating the state of student affairs in their site, echoing the feedback from their peers, faculty and site administration abroad. We encourage you to apply today!

Application Deadline: Friday, December 9th at 11:59 PM EST

>> Apply to be a SSC Site Ambassador