Counseling and Wellness

NYU Washington, D.C., has an onsite Global Wellness Counselor, Sarah Akhter, PhD. You will meet her upon arrival, but it is never too early to reach out. Feel free to reach out to her at any point prior to or during your semester at

The Wellness Exchange is also a resource to you while studying away. You may call the Wellness Exchange anytime, 24/7, at 212-443-9999, for crises, referrals, support and guidance.

What if I need counseling while away?

While studying abroad is an incredible experience, it often takes time to adjust to a new city, living arrangements, and submersion into the unfamiliar. Some students feel overwhelmed, others homesick. Some afraid, others depressed. You may periodically feel out of sorts.

Should you wish to arrange for counseling during your semester you can always contact Sarah to schedule an appointment or for her help connecting you with an off-campus specialist in DC. The Wellness Exchange can also help you connect with off-campus mental health professionals while you are studying away. The Wellness Exchange can be reached by calling 212-443-9999 or If you seek off-campus services, your health insurance should cover much of the cost of your mental health care needs.

If you currently attend counseling, or see a therapist regularly, consider the following:

  1. If treatment is essential to your functioning, you must identify a therapist PRIOR to your departure.
  2. If you are considering taking a hiatus from treatment, you should have a plan in the event that you need to see someone while away.
  3. If you know you will need a therapist or counselor prior to departure, please be in touch with either Sarah or the Wellness Exchange Counselors, who will assist you in securing services.
  4. If you are presently taking prescribed psychotropic medication, you must meet with your prescribing physician to discuss:
    • Receiving enough medication to last until you return. Note for some conditions and some medications, this is not possible.
    • Getting a referral to a psychiatrist or medical doctor in Washington, DC who will follow you and write prescription refills.
    • If you know you will need medication, get it before you leave, or contact Sarah or the Wellness Exchange Counselors, who will be able to provide appropriate referrals for a psychiatrist or prescribing medical doctor.

If you have questions or concerns, contact Sarah at 202-654-8322 or or the Wellness Exchange at (212) 443-9999 or

If you are ever in doubt and need to find you need a therapist, counselor, or doctor while you are away, ask any member of the NYU site staff.